Menai Bridge Cricket Club

Menai Bridge CC is an ECB Premier League Club set in a stunning location on the Menai Straits in view of the magnificent Menai suspension bridge.

The Requirements

The local cricket club required an upgrade to their current website (an old ASP.NET / Tekerik based site I'd originally created when first starting my software development journey).

The decided plan was a modern .NET Core C# site, using MVC as the application design model, Entity Framework (Code first) as the data access layer and Bootstrap 4 for the front UI.

Allowing club members to sign in and view private member information was crucial, and therefore .NET Identity was used to store and operate user logins.

Some stand out functionality includes; a bonus ball page consisting of a list of all members involved in the club competition. The site admin has the ability to add, edit and remove members, plus send out emails to members as a reminder to pay. Another feature includes the club super 6 competition. Members are able to log in every Saturday and enter their guesses for game outcomes across the weekend. Guesses are then stored, the correct result entered by the admin at the end of the weekend and then scores calculated and displayed on the leader board for all to see.

Main Website Image

Client Review

Working with Jack was an excellent experience. He was clear, concise and accurate in his communication and provides timely responses to our queries - delivering on the project expectations I set for him. We would definitely work with Jack again!

Other Info

Start / Finish Date

04 November 2018 - 18 December 2018