Coastline Electrical

Coastline Electrical provide a comprehensive range of Electrical Services covering all aspects of domestic, commercial and industrial works.

The Requirements

The client required a website for his new electrical company that would consist of himself and friend, offering electrical services across the island of Anglesey.

A contact form was decided to be a key priority as allowing site visitors to submit questions and quote requests through the site would allow the business to grow while managing work-load. All submitted forms would also be saved to the database along with emailed to the client for quick review, before either opting to reply via email, or contacting the user further.

Site responsiveness was also key as the client was keen for the site to be fully usable on a PC down to a smart phone, giving his business the full exposure it needed in the early days.

Main Website Image

Finished Product

The client and I decided on a 'One-Page' design for the website as we felt it would keep the website simple and practical, as the main focus of the website was exposure and brief information. The design allowed visitors to quickly jump from one area to another, quickly picking up the companies services and then finishing with the contact form if they require further information.

The site was created using .NET Core, C#, Entity Framework (Code first) and Bootstrap 4 to create the front end UI.

Client Review

Jack is fantastic to work with, and I fully recommend his services to any company or individual. He designed and developed a large website for us which is now running very well and we have noticed a big increase in traffic and leads. I fully recommend his services to any company or individual

Other Info

Start / Finish Date

01 June 2019