The Bridge Inn

The Bridge Inn Restaurant and Bar, beautifully situated by The Menai Suspension Bridge, one of the most spectacular examples of engineering not only in Wales but in the world. Built in 1826 by Thomas Telford the Bridge was one of the longest suspension bridges built.

The Requirements

The client was a friend I've played cricket with for the last few years who'd recently taken over a pub in the local town. The current pub needed a new look and with that a new website.We decided on a simplistic layout, using the current logo colours around the site and a few basic pages to get the site up and running. The client was keen for a section displaying the menus - including the back-end for uploading and removing menus himself without having to contact myself.Further down the line the client had some google 360 photos taken and wanted the pub 'walkaround' to be visible on the site including a brief summary of the surrounding area and its landmarks.

Main Website Image

Finished Product

The website was created using C#, .NET Core, Bootstrap 4 for the UI front-end, Entity-Framework for the data access layer and additionally Facebook and Trip Advisor api for displaying posts and reviews. The site consisted of a gallery page allowing visitors to view images of the food and pub. The client also had the ability to log in to an admin panel and manage the images displayed here, and if needed, upload more.The clients Google 360 images were included on their own tab which featured a Google Street view walk through of the pub - allowing visitors to step around, before even visiting the pub itself.

Client Review

Working with Jack was an excellent experience. He was clear, concise and accurate in his communication and provides timely responses to our queries - delivering on the project expectations I set for him. We would definitely work with Jack again!

Other Info

Start / Finish Date

20 October 2019 - 03 November 2019